Watch your luggage: Tom Cruise mad about stolen suitcases

US film star Tom Cruise is currently shooting his Mission Impossible 7 movie in the United Kingdom. Think a superstar like him would have no worries over stolen items especially with bodyguards protecting life, limb, and stuff?

  1. Think again, because Tommy boy got all of his luggage including personal items stolen that was still in the car after he had arrived in the UK.
  2. And no, not just the luggage was stolen, the BMW X7 auto itself was stolen first.
  3. Despite the car being located with the use of a tracking device, everything inside the vehicle was gone.

Cruise had gone into shooting the film with actress Hayley Atwell. He was staying at the Grand Hotel in the city of Birmingham while filming scenes at the nearby Grand Central shopping center when the theft took place.

The BMW X7 was parked at the hotel when the theft occurred. The robbery has been labeled as “high tech” using a 4-step process that allowed the keyless car to be unlocked by replicating the fob signal with a transmitter.

It has been reported that the robbers got away with thousands of pounds’ worth of luggage in the care of Cruise’s bodyguard. Perhaps the bodyguard should have been instructed to only guard “the body,” but the contents of his vehicle as well.

The incident took place in Birmingham and although the police were quick to trace and locate the car using an electronic tracking device the auto was equipped with, when found, there were no contents left in the vehicle.

Police said they received a report of a BMW X7 (valued at 100,000 pounds) stolen from Church Street, Birmingham, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The car was recovered a short time later in Smethwick. CCTV inquiries have been made for the area where the car was found as the investigation is ongoing.

Tom is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood with a net worth of US$600 million earning around $50 million per year. As far as how much he makes per movie, as an example, Cruise earned US$75 million from the fourth Mission: Impossible movie, Ghost Protocol. He is known for doing all of his own stunts and delivering multiple award-winning performances. He is best known for films like the Mission Impossible series, Top Gun, Minority Report, and Vanilla Sky.

According to reports, Tom Cruise is furious about the robbery.

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