Tourism Crises & Destination Recovery: New Must-Read Book

  1. As this book’s author its inappropriate for me to make any judgments about the quality of this book.
  2. That judgement is reserved for readers or critics. However, I can tell you a little about this book and its relevance to the travel industry.
  3. In essence, this book is a thematic coverage of the key categories of risks and crises which impact on the tourism industry.

From there, I discuss the strategies employed by destination management organisations and tourism businesses to either prevent them happening or responding to them once they have struck.

The crisis categories covered in the book are:

  1. COVID-19 The longest chapter in the book
  2. Political instability
  3. Terrorism
  4. Natural Disasters
  5. Crime
  6. Health and Pandemic crises, pre COVID-19
  7. Economic shocks
  8. Management and Service failures (own goals)
  9. Technological Crises
  10. Environmental risks and Crises

Every tourism business can relate to one of more of these themes and we can all learn a great deal from how tourism destinations and businesses responded to these challenges.

In addition to the above themes the two introductory chapters focus on defining risk, crisis and resilience as well as governmental, global tourism associations and tourism sector approaches to tourism risk, crisis and recovery.

The themes are illustrated by over 20 case studies (2-4 in each chapter) from all over the world. As I have written the book as a textbook there are discussion questions at the end of every chapter. While it’s pitched at university students I have done my best to ensure that it’s easily understandable for all readers and especially for  tourism professionals. However, bedtime reading it is not. I have sought to take a global outlook and where possible, include some of the crises and recovery programs in which I have been a direct participant.

This book is the first thematic book on tourism risk, crisis and recovery since Joan Henderson’s 2007 work, Tourism Crises, Causes, Consequences and Management. Professor Henderson’s book was brilliant and inspired me. However, I’m sure she would agree, a lot has happened in tourism since 2007 and COVID-19, which I cover extensively, is the biggest crisis and challenge, tourism professionals and educators have experienced in our lifetimes.

See details here. The book is published by Sage Publishing (London) and will be available globally from October 30 (an appropriate Halloween release date). I hope you enjoy the book but don’t be shy to tell me that you didn’t and why. I’m working on another book so constructive advice is always welcome.

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