Santas are scarce in US this Christmas season

The United States is facing another critical supply shortage this year – the jolly bearded old men are scarce and hard to get this Christmas season.

According to the latest data, there’s been a 121% increase in demand in US for Santa Claus in 2021 compared to the past two years.

Due to a sharp spike in demand, there are over 1,275 full-season Santa jobs (such as those who work in the shopping malls) and over 2,000 hourly Santa gigs still unfilled in US.

Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed greatly to a shortage of the number of people available to play the role of Santa Claus.

Apparently, there are 10% fewer Santa Claus entertainers this year, because some have died from coronavirus and others aren’t doing events because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have also retired from the Santa game.

According to the ‘National Santa’ who has appeared in major parades and as the Father Christmas for Toys for Tots, some 18% of his fellow Santas say they’re taking the year off.

Many Santas are simply playing it safe with COVID-19, since they tend to be older and overweight.

Supply chain shortages have also limited the availability of Santa costumes.

“There’s a lot of needed items that are still on the sea in containers,” a spokeswoman for the company Costumes for Santa said. “Our wholesalers have not gotten their product from China … Stuff that should have come in August is coming in now.”

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