Culinary Revolution at India Hotel Management and Catering Technology Event

One of the major highlights of the Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble (CHE) 2021 that is being organized for December 9, 2021, is “Sustainable Indian Diet – For a Healthy Future 2021.” It is a research-oriented competition where the contestants need to send a researched article highlighting eating habits, health benefits, sustainable steps, and recommendations to specific target groups. 

The second All India Korean Culinary Challenge is being organized for December 11, 2021, by Korean Cultural Centre India and Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi. This year, the event will be held in a hybrid manner – a mix of online and offline – with the category also being divided into professional hotel management and culinary school students and open to all. Participants are requested to send their own cooking video of any one Korean culinary of their choice by using AN authentic recipe or innovative fusion with Indian cuisine.            

There will also be contests like the “Healthy Millet Recipe Contest 2021” and “Dress the Cake Challenge 2021.” These contests are about showing skills through cooking and that food can still be created that is enjoyable while at the same time ensuring that communication is kept up with one another through digital platforms.

The short videos shared by the participants will be judged by a panel of eminent judges who will be specifically looking at the recipes, technique, passion, knowledge of the product, and plating skills to determine the finalists and the ultimate winner. All the winners and participants will receive a printed certificate confirming their participation in the 20th Virtual Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble 2021

The Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble aims to provide an opportunity to aspiring hotel management professionals by giving them a platform to demonstrate their talents previously unearthed.

Some of the other major competitions of the event are the “Chandiwala Future Chef Contest 2021,” “Hospitality Brain Twister 2021,” “Bar Wizard Bar Challenge 2021,” “Dress the Cake Challenge 2021,” “Chandiwala Towel Origami Competition,” and “Oxford Hospitality Brain Twister 2021.”

These challenges will test the knowledge and culinary skills of budding student chefs of various hotel management colleges and professional chefs PAN India through virtual mode due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

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