SKAL to Elect a New World President: Meet Burcin Turkkan, a Turkish-American Motivated to Take this Challenge

SKAL is all about doing business amongst friends.

These friends are in 102 countries around the world.

An American/ Turkish go-getter is trying to get the necessary 55% confirmation votes on December 10 at the upcoming virtual SKAL General Assembly next week to become the next world president of the global organization.

Burcin Turkkan was the former president of SKAL USA and is now trying to get the votes to become the next World President of the organization.

Founded in 1934, Skål International is the only professional organization promoting global Tourism and friendship, uniting all sectors of the Tourism industry.

Motivated by their experience and the good international friendships that emerged in these trips, a large group of professionals led by Jules Mohr, Florimond Volckaert, Hugo Krafft, Pierre Soulié, and Georges Ithier, found the Skål Club in Paris on December 16th, 1932.  

The idea of International friendship between Tourism  Professionals grew, and by early 1934 there were already 12 Clubs formed in five countries. It was then that the idea arose to create a partnership, that brings together all the Clubs, with the aim of fostering goodwill and friendship in the  Travel and Transport sectors around the world. 

The ‘Association Internationale des Skål Clubs’ (AISC) was established on April 28th, 1934 at the Hotel Scribe in Paris, in a General Assembly composed of 21 delegates, representatives of 11 clubs, plus two observers from London, who together elected Executive Committee,  under the chairmanship of Florimond Volckaert:

Today more than 12923 members, entailing of industry’s Managers and Executives, meet at Local, National, Regional and International levels to do business among friends throughout more than 318 Skål Clubs.

The basic unit of Skål International is the Club, which shall act as the liaison for Skål International in Skål activities within the Club’s geographical boundaries.

Today eTurboNews Breaking News Show joined the SKAL Orlando, Florida club at the SKAL Christmas celebration with Burcin Turkkan attending..

Burcin Turkkan said:

My Fellow Skalleagues,
It has been my privilege to serve on the Skål International Executive Board as your Director and Senior Vice President for the past 2 years. At the upcoming SI AGA taking place on December 10, 2021, at 5 am CET I am standing for election to be your next Skal International World President. As always I appreciate your full support and trust in me and will continue to be at your service at all times. In friendship and Skal.

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