Zanzibar Sets Itself to Become a Honeymoon Destination in Africa

The Annual Wedding Festival in Zanzibar is a part of social activities targeted to boost tourism on the Indian Ocean islands, said the island’s Minister for Tourism and Heritage, Ms. Lela Mohamed Mussa.

This year’s Zanzibar Wedding Festival ended last Sunday with a good participation from the island’s residents and foreign visitors.

The African Tourism Board (ATB) Chairman, Mr. Cuthbert Ncube, was among key dignitaries who attended the just-ended annual Wedding Festival which took place at Park Hyde Hotel at Stone Town.

The ATB Chairman joined top Zanzibar government officials, diplomats, and other residents of Zanzibar to celebrate the cultural Wedding Festival 2021, which included recognition of the best wedding festival dress.

Organizers hoped the activation of the Zanzibar Wedding Festival would act as another product that would attract the global wedding market to the spice Island in the nearest future to make this Indian Ocean island the “Honeymoon Destination in Africa.”

ATB has committed to work closely with the Zanzibar government to develop and then promote the arts and culture in Zanzibar in efforts to promote the island’s tourism and its rich heritage.

“The emphasis should be on emulating this grand initiative, which purpose is to break the divide that has separated us as a continent, and ATB has affirmed that arts and culture is a catalyst to brand and tell our lovely stories from our own perspectives,”  Ncube said. He added that arts and culture will be the medium that should and must unite the continent in achieving the agenda 2063, then showing the world the true sense of Africa.

The African Union (AU) has endorsed arts and culture to be the medium that should and must unite the continent in achieving the agenda 2063 for one Africa, Ncube said. “ATB [will] continue to support the initiative in the future and also continue to be a strategic partner for ideas of such within the continent,” the ATB Chairman said.

Mr. Ncube then expressed his profound appreciation to the Zanzibar’s Minister for Tourism and Heritage for promoting tourism in the island which is now the envy of all within and outside its boundaries.

On her part, the Zanzibar Minister applauded ATB’s participation and involvement in reshaping the African Tourism narratives and pleaded with Africans to start looking within the continent for solutions to their challenges rather than outside the continent.

The Zanzibar Wedding Festival was founded by Mr. Farid Fazach, targeting to promote tourism, preserve Zanzibar’s unique culture, promote wedding dresses and rituals, and publicize Zanzibar as the best honeymoon destination in the world.

About the African Tourism Board

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