Germany loves Japan – and it shows in Duesseldorf

The German city of Düsseldorf is not only known for its Carnival, for the longest bar in the world, but also for its friendship with Japan After a two-year break the river promenade in Duesseldorf on the Rina river celebrated the friendship between Germany and Japan.

For decades Duesseldorf has had a large ex-pat community of Japanese and active trade and cultural exchanges are the norm 600,000 visitors experienced a peaceful festival without incident and celebrated the culture of Japan with the Japanese community.

More than 50 information and action tents were dedicated to both traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture – from Aikido to Cosplay.

Musical program items such as the concert by the drum group “Miyabi & Lion” and the rousing performance of the J-Pop sensation “Charan-Po-Rantan with Kankan Balkan” delighted the audience on the main stage and turned Burgplatz into a party zone.

This year, the Japanese fireworks at the end were held under the motto “Together for Peace and Friendship”.

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