Hong Kong Travel Warning: Tourism Exodus & Invasion Imminent

Hong Kong Tourism is ready. All indication are pointing to a record expxlosion for inbound and outbound tourism from and to the Chinese Territory.

Following the Hong Kong Government’s announcement on further easing restrictions on 13 December, inbound searches for flights to Hong Kong on airlines, and consolidators websites such as Expedia, Bookings, or Trip recorded a 2004% increase as compared to the same day last year.

Hong Kongers are looking to travel overseas, like never before.
After almost 3 years in lockdown, one of the strictest COVID-19 health restrictions in the world, this Chinese City also known as the City of Light is more than ready to welcome international visitors again – and in record numbers.

The Chinese Special Administration region is also desperate to leave the city and explore the world again.

According to a study just released by trip.com, visitors ready to travel to Hongkong are most encouraged to book a flight from Singapore.

Sorted by the increase in flight searches for Hong Kong the most popular source markets for inbound travel are from the following destinations. They saw a surge in searches in the last week. Most of these are cities in which many overseas Hong Kongers reside and/or enjoy strong business connections with Hong Kong.

  1. Singapore-Hong Kong
  2. Beijing-Hong Kong
  3. Toronto-Hong Kong
  4. Vancouver-Hong Kong
  5. Sydney-Hong Kong
  6. Shanghai- Hong Kong
  7. London-Hong Kong
  8. New York- HongKong

At the same time, HongKong residents are desperate to get out to travel overseas again. They are booking flights in record numbers, with Seoul leading the list

The most popular flight searches and destinations for visitors from HongKong are

  1. Hong Kong- Seoul
  2. Hong Kong- Osaka
  3. Hong Kong – Tokyo
  4. Hong Kong – Bangkok
  5. Hong Kong – Taipei

Globally, searches for international flights to Hong Kong and onwards to the Chinese Mainland also recorded an 89% increase week-on-week.

Trip.com is optimistic that demand for Hong Kong inbound and outbound travel will continue to rise in the coming months, further boosting the recovery of the travel industry.

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