Best party towns for New Year? NYC, IST, TYO, LON, BBK – all #1

After two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, travelers are planning to have lots of fun for New Years.

This New Years’ season is already breaking many records when it comes to hotel bookings. Many popular hotels in many popular city destinations are charging record room nights and are already overbooked. Resorts around the world are in party mood and sold out as well.

Saying goodbye to 2022 and welcoming 2023 is big business for travel destinations. City destinations for New Years’ travel seemed to be doing fantastic. People like to join crowds again, and they love New York.

But not only the Big Apple, but also Tokyo is now the number one city to spend a New Years’ night. Japan just reopened, and tourists are arriving in never seen before numbers in the land of the rising sun.

Similar popularity is seen in Bangkok, Thailand, and also in Taipei, Taiwan.


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In Europe London and Paris are at the top of the list. The number three destination goes to the City that is in both Europe and Asia – Istanbul.

Rome and Amsterdam are lacking behind Istanbul, which has been a surprise for many.

Besides New York, Las Vegas and also Honolulu are among the top destinations in North America.

Besides city trips, the most popular beach destinations from Bali, Pattaya to Jamaica, or Cancun are booming for News Year.

This data is based on hotel searches at a major online accommodation booking company.

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