Independent hotels loyalty programs thriving

Many travelers prefer the unique experience of staying in a boutique hotel versus the mega property conglomerates.

In today’s world of rewards programs, perhaps a potential drawback in staying at a boutique hotel could be the missed opportunity to earn loyalty rewards. Not so anymore. To this end, more and more independent hotels are offering loyalty programs.

Launched this month, UK-based Global Loyalty Organization (GLO) is a global professional network of specialists in loyalty, rewards, consumer engagement, and loyalty innovation, uniting companies across travel, hospitality, retail, and finance as well as technology.

Today, UAE-headquartered Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), an alliance of independent hotel brands, announced it has become a founding member of the new international loyalty entity GLO.

The key objectives are to promote partnerships, growth, and loyalty innovation among members. With the help of GLO News – a platform which shares insights, provides interviews, and chat for members – loyalty technology expertise, roundtables, conferences, and training, the organization is supporting members in growing businesses, building stronger brands, and deepening relationships with their customers.

Kristi Gole, Head of Product at Global Hotel Alliance, has been appointed a GLO advisory board member, a role where she will share her knowledge and experience to promote innovation in the loyalty industry.

“Loyalty is our business, and it is exciting to play a pivotal role in creating and growing an organization that is dedicated to this sector on a global scale.”

“We are looking forward to sharing our insights with GLO and helping to shape the discussion about the future of loyalty,” Gole added.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts is another large independent hotel brand, featuring more than 700 properties. The Preferred Hotels group offers 5 different hotel collections, each with its own level of luxury and service.

Voila Hotel Rewards has a program that features about 300 independent hotels in dozens of countries around the world and includes the Copley Square Hotel in Boston; the St. Giles Hotels in New York, London and Asia and Luxe Hotels in the Los Angeles area. In fact, this program has been around for a while, but it only entered the U.S. market in 2011. The program has three elite levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Stash Hotel Rewards is a loyalty program with more than 200 hotels in the U.S. and the Caribbean. Members earn 5 points per dollar spent on eligible room rates at any Stash Partner Hotel (base rate not including taxes). When you book through, you can also earn 3 points per dollar at Stash Approved hotels and 1 point per dollar at other hotels.

As a founding member of GLO, Global Hotel Alliance, a fast-growing alliance of 40 hotel brands with more than 800 hotels across 100 countries, brings a wealth of international experience to the network, with its successful loyalty program, GHA DISCOVERY, expanding to more than 23 million members globally since its December 2021 relaunch.

Global Hotel Alliance is one of a select group of leading loyalty and rewards players joining GLO with others including aviation giants Star Alliance and Air France/KLM, as well as Loyalty Juggernaut, a provider of next-gen enterprise solutions that power loyalty programs for multinational brands.